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If our anxiety levels are causing us distress, this can be a concern for ourselves and friends and family. Anxiety can manifest in different ways and have been named and classified to reflect this.

As a professional therapist, i work to understand which class of anxiety, which helps me choose the most effective approach. Although information regarding your symptoms and possible condition can be helpful to know, self-diagnosis is seldom a good idea.

If any of the following symptoms or conditions listed below appear to be relevant to you, speaking with a professional is always advised. Starting a therapy program with a professional therapist is proven to help alleviate many such symptoms.


Anxiety Therapy

All of the above anxiety disorders can be quite distressing and difficult for the person affected. The use of therapy has an excellent success rate in helping to treat anxiety problems.

Therapy for anxiety will typically involve two core elements.

  1. Finding suitable strategies to keep you calm, which may include things as techniques, exercise, meditation, hobbies, or alternative thinking processes.

  2. I look at the underlying causes of your anxiety; considering any past traumatic experiences, this may include your upbringing to help explain your current anxious state. Medication can also be a helpful way to combat anxiety disorders and is recommended in conjunction with regular therapy.

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