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Exercise For Health & Well-Being

The connection between exercise and mental health on our health and well-being is no secret. But do we do enough of this as a priority

I have been teaching exercise and martial arts at various levels, from beginner to competitive, for over 20 years to adults and children.

I no longer teach classes these days, preferring to teach 1 2 1 or small groups from my private location in Preston or the client's location catering to all levels, abilities and sizes! My classes generally follow a curriculum that is flexible enough to suit each individual and we progress at a pace suitable for the client's experience and level. The focus of training may be just a one-off class, regular training, or as part of my well-being programme.

The exercise styles have been proven effective in aiding relaxation, anxiety, stress or sleeplessness and improving confidence and self-esteem.

Working with my clients on a one-to-one basis increases confidence in themselves whilst improving their fitness levels, stamina, strength and flexibility over time. Sometimes I am also available to work with couples and small groups.


Additional Focus

If used as part of a therapy process, we will discuss and work on specific areas to focus on; this could include physical and psychological areas of development.

I recommend at least one session per week minimum, as this has proven to be the most effective. But, I am happy to see people as frequently as is possible for them.

I offer generous block booking discounts for regular clients, and well-being plans are available.


Exercise Styles Available


Wing Chun Kung Fu

Wing Chun is an excellent form of exercise for those who are looking for something interesting and challenging! The benefits of Wing Chun are endless! From improved posture and muscle tone to better mental health, memory, confidence and great for self-defence! Wing Chun really is great for everyone!
A typical class would start at the practising set routines called forms developing coordination, mental focus and mind-body connection, progressing into the partnered work and drills, and finishing with a gentle stretch at the end of class.
Wing Chun gives you a wonderful ‘feel good’ sense after a class. The combination of mental stimulation with movement helps replenish your body and mind!



Qigong is a fantastic form of exercise; it not only helps you gain physical strength and flexibility but also enables the practitioner to enhance their mind-body connection utilising the natural flowing nature of this exercise!

We utilise breathing techniques, meditation, postures, and visualisation to allow you to gain a more profound mental strength to enhance the physical. Additional benefits of Qigong are enhancing your energy, heart health, stress management, and sleep.

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