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Hypnotherapy for Confidence

Confidence and self esteem issue can have a dramatic effect on our lives including relationships, work, studies and social interactions

Hypnotherapy for Confidence and Self Esteem

One of the most common reasons people seek hypnotherapy is for confidence and to improve their self-esteem.   Some situations can trigger a person to lose confidence, such as after a trauma or the result of a difficult relationship in their work or home life.  The good news is that clients can feel more positive about themselves and their circumstances even after just one hypnotherapy session.  

What does the term confidence mean?

Confidence is composed of three things;

  1. Self-belief; how we see our self-worth and what we have to offer

  2. Emotional & physical composure whilst we perform a given task

  3. Technical knowledge about the required task.

Hypnotherapy is an effective technique to address the above three main components, and results can be seen very quickly. An example is someone anxious about driving lessons. One of the main benefits of hypnotherapy is that it teaches the brain to slow to change frequency and slow down, which relaxes the client physically. This is vitally important because learning is much easier without the mental and physical symptoms of stress and anxiety. The next stage would be to explore the unconscious barriers which may originate from self-esteem and a belief that they are not worthy.

The final stage would be rehearsing and reprogramming the client's perception of the problem situation. The client is then likely to discover that they look forward to practising their driving skills and that any foreboding has disappeared. Working together, we ensure that the experience of taking driving lessons is rewarding and pleasurable.

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