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Past Life Regression Dimensional Experiences

Updated: Aug 3, 2022

One of the extraordinary aspects of QHHT is that travellers, as I call us, who embark on a session do not always experience a typical past lifetime. This may not be ideal for some people who have a preconceived idea of how they would like things to run and develop.

During our training sessions with the late Dolores Cannon, she would share with us important concepts when guiding us. One of these was "they say it's becoming less important for people to experience a past life during sessions. We are moving into a new period in human development."

Over the years, this has become increasingly true as I facilitate more and more sessions that follow this prediction. Much talk has been going on regarding the New Earth & 5th Dimension we are moving into. What is now becoming evident is that for many people, the importance has been to revisit and experience the 1st or 2nd Dimensions again. The hardest part has been developing an understanding of how to guide these types of clients, as this is not a classical session that is taught.

Fortunately, my earlier personal sessions all involved dimensional experiences, which I feel helps me understand what the client is experiencing. I assumed there was no importance or relevance to the sessions I had at the time, but as the years rolled on, the meaning became clear. Once again, there are no coincidences or accidents; the higher self knows exactly what it is doing.

If you feel a past life regression session is something you would be interested in why not book an initial consultation using the link below.

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