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Safe & Sound Protocol (SSP)

The Safe and Sound Protocol is a five-hour auditory intervention that can retune the nervous system. Reducing stress and auditory sensitivity while enhancing social engagement whilst promoting resilience.

I am pleased to offer the Safe and Sound protocol (SSP) to help alleviate the symptoms associated with sensory integration and arousal issues. The protocol can significantly benefit individuals who have autism, ADHD anxiety, PTSD, and a range of other problems. It is simple, non-invasive, and can be used by individuals of any age. This auditory program was developed by Stephen Porges, "Distinguished University Scientist" at the Kinsey Institute.



The Safe and Sound Protocol is a five-day auditory intervention that can retune the nervous system. Reducing stress and auditory sensitivity while enhancing social engagement whilst promoting resilience.


Based on the Polyvagal Theory by Dr Porges', by calming the physiological and emotional state of an individual, the door is opened for improved communication and more successful therapy.

The Safe and Sound Protocol (SSP) which is a research-based therapy, shows significant results in just five days in areas such as:


  • Social and emotional difficulties

  • Inattention

  • ​Auditory sensitivities

  • Stressors that impact social engagement

  • Anxiety and trauma-related challenges



Our emotional and physiological states are critical in how we approach the tasks at hand. When we are in a better state of control, we can be socially more engaged and more open to therapy.

Being better state regulated improves our therapeutic outcomes.




This non-invasive intervention involves listening to a choice of music that has been specifically processed. This retunes the nervous system to re-introduce a sense of safety and allow the client to engage socially.


This allows the client to better interpret human speech and, importantly, the emotional meaning of language.


Once these interpersonal interactions improve, instinctive social behaviours and an enhanced ability to learn, engage and self-regulate also often improve.



The safe and sound protocol (SSP) uses our auditory system as the doorway to our vagus complex, which controls our physiological state. Once the physiological state is regulated, we can accelerate or enhance any subsequent therapy.

The program is the product of nearly four decades of research on the relationship between our autonomic nervous system and the social-emotional processes. It aims to stimulate the client's nervous system by exercising and systematically challenging their auditory system with specifically processed music.

This music trains the auditory pathways by focusing on the frequency used in human speech.









After successfully completing the program, clients will be better able to focus on their school, work, therapy, and everyday life and experience a more calm emotional and physiological state. Studies suggest that skills such as state regulation, attention and the ability to engage socially will therefore be enhanced. 




The Safe & Sound Protocol (SSP) aims to introduce and access a physiological state beneficial to health and well-being, positive engagement with others, enhanced growth, learning and therapy.

Rooted in his Polyvagal Theory, SSP aims to help clients learn to achieve a grounded state where they feel safe, connected, calm and social.

By helping to access a calm and grounded state, the SSP promotes a platform for health, growth and restoration.



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