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QHHT Aftercare Group Preston

QHHT Past Life Regression aftercare is a support programme that I have put in place for my clients to remain guided and cared for after their regression sessions. We would like to do my best to keep you from slipping back, so I welcome you back in order to remain connected with me through my aftercare group.

After your QHHT Past Life Regression, you will have been through an immense affair. After experiencing the connection with your higher self, gaining answers or for some experiencing going to source or different dimensions, you will hopefully have rid yourself of much of doubts or negativity you may have had before your session. I hope you would have made the most of your time after your session to grow and develop and wish for you to continue rising further, as i am sure your potential lies much higher than you believe. This is where the QHHT Past Life Regression aftercare comes in.

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QHHT Aftercare
Two Available Sections

How Does QHHT Aftercare Group

QHHT aftercare in the form of a monthly group support is also offered to people who have been on a past life regression journey with me. These groups meet monthly to create or maintain connections with your higher self, spirit or gain new friends

For all of my clients of the QHHT Past Life Regression Technique, whether you have stayed one session or seven sessions, I will continue to offer you free aftercare support for three months after your session.

The aftercare programme incorporates a monthly group session that you can join in to help renew your connection with your higher self or source, share experiences and advice on staying on your own personal path. Provide and accept guidance and support from others.

Launch Date

Aug 1 | 2022

Pre-registration for the group is available simply use the contact box to drop me a message. 

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