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Qigong For Tranquillity

Qigong, pronounced "chee gung," is a Chinese phrase meaning

 Qi -life energy and breath, the essence of life.

Gong - work, skill.

This ancient Chinese system incorporates exercise and meditation, allowing the mind and spirit to become tranquil. It also improves physical well-being, encouraging health, well-being, and long life.

Qigong is divided into three essential categories these being:

  1. Spiritual

  2. Exercise

  3. Healing.

Engaging in a Qigong training routine is not intended as a substitute for therapy. Still, it is intended for self-education and personal development, complementing a scientific-based care plan, including medication.

Qigong is a well-known form of self-care effective when adopted as part of a healthy lifestyle.


Types of Qigong

There are thousands of different styles of Qigong, so it is a field you research and study that can last a lifetime. This practice aims to understand the many possibilities of who you are and can be.

One of the most famous styles of Qigong is called Taiichi (otherwise known as Taiji Quan), an example of an exercise qigong system traditionally based on philosophical principles. T'ai Chi means to balance and harmonise complementary opposites: inside and outside,  open and close, up and down, right and left, masculine and feminine, warm and cool, tension and relaxation, active and passive.

T'ai Chi is a unique and beautiful style of Qigong that successfully blends spirituality, exercise, and healing.

Qigong students generally start by learning the basic principles that encompass many of the styles. They may then learn styles or techniques tailored to their needs or interests.


These styles have specific names related to their purpose, including:

  • Bone Marrow Cleansing Qigong

  • Healing Sounds Qigong

  • Muscle Transforming Qigong

  • Harmonising with the season's Qigong

  • Intelligence Qigong

  • Invigorating Qigong

  • Coiling Qigong

  • Relaxation Qigong.

If you feel Qigong maybe a good fit for yourself simply book a free consultation to discuss your requirements using the form below

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