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Attachment Therapy

Updated: Aug 3, 2022

Attachment therapy is based on the attachment theory developed by John Bowlby. This theory holds that proximity to attachment figures determines how secure or insecure a child feels. Arguably, children with secure attachment patterns develop into trusting adults with healthy relationships, while insecure ones find it hard to trust others and form robust social networks. Drawing from ideas of attachment theory, some therapists have developed attachment therapy to treat children with complicated family history, especially those living in adoption and foster care.

Typically, attachment therapists try to force children to confront unconscious or suppressed rage arising from loss, abandonment, separation, and mistreatment. Here, the primary goal is to re-establish attachment by correcting attachment problems experienced earlier in life. Therapists accomplish this goal through techniques such as holding the kids firmly, re-enacting adverse childhood experiences, insulting the children, and rebirthing. These methods offer a cathartic release for the kids. Once the anger is over, the children can begin developing attachments to their new 'parents' through re-parenting.

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