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Safe & Sound Protocol (SSP)

It's with great pleasure that I am now offering the Safe and Sound Protocol (SSP) as a tool to retrain a central nervous system that has become dysregulated.

How does Safe & Sound Protocol (SSP) work?

The Safe and Sound Protocol is a five-day auditory intervention that can retune the nervous system. Reducing emotional dysregulation and auditory sensitivity while enhancing social engagement whilst promoting resilience.

The program can be conducted face-to-face, online or hybrid (blended)

Some of the conditions typically having dysregulated nervous systems:

Chronic stress







Emotional issues

Although medication and talking therapies can be effective in reducing symptoms over a period of time, this approach is targeted and non-invasive.

This tool will be beneficial to gently stabilise some of the more complex conditions before deep-seated work begins with core approaches such as Psychotherapy, Hypnotherapy or Counselling.

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1 Comment

Thankyou Shaun , that looks very positive. Will book in shortly. Regards Alison.

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