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New "Freely" Playlist for the SSP

Unyte have recently launched the Freely playlist to the SSP program and is now available FREE of charge as an addition to all clients on the program.

Many of you are experiencing the benefits of using SSP sound therapy, which utilises diverse playlists. I am excited to announce that Unyte has recently launched a brand-new SSP playlist titled “Freely.”


Who is the composer?

This is an ambient fusion playlist composed by artist, neuroscientist, and psychiatrist Dr AZA Stephen Allsop. This becomes the second non-vocal playlist for clients to choose from in the program package.

Who can particularly benefit from this playlist?

I usually recommend the non-vocal programs to

·        Clients who have experienced trauma

  • Clients who are ADD/ ADHD or on the spectrum

  • Clients repeating the SSP, promoting interest through variety

For clients on the program, you should now have access to five SSP playlists (including classical instrumental and popular music), each offered in three levels of filtration. This variety aims to support your engagement and participation in the listening process while allowing for customisable delivery.

I am incredibly excited about the continued positive impact of using SSP Freely and its integration into your program at no additional cost.

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