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Welcome to the Psychotherapeutic Therapy page. Read further to find out a little bit more about this service, and also how you can book your FREE consultation

What is Psychotherapeutic Counselling

When just starting with a therapist it is important to understand there are two main types of counselling. The first one provides ‘support’ and tends to be more short-term (but not always) and leads towards a solution focused approach. The second type provides a more ‘therapeutic’ or ‘psychotherapeutic’ therapy which are usually more medium to long-term in duration. Psychotherapeutic is similar to depth psychotherapy in that its like a journey of the soul. The journey involves whole person (body, feelings, mind, sexuality and spirituality) being explored in depth, and becomes the foundation for a life-long understanding and expression of one’s true self.

As psychotherapeutic counselling involves working together on any underlying attachment and relational issues, sessions are likely to be at least weekly. In some cases people it may be beneficial to come more than once a week; this decision will be agreed by the the client and the therapist. When the counselling is less than weekly, we are more than likely working  as supportive counselling, not psychotherapeutic.

As I work pluralisticly I use a combination of several approaches. My belief is that there is no single approach that is best to treat all situations. As I regard you as unique and have your different needs, I prefer to look at you as a whole, and techniques that are tailored to your individual needs and personal circumstances.


How does therapy work?

The use of different approaches offers an explanation and insight into our human mind, as well as offering us an understanding of any key factors that may result in changes to behaviour. These are likely to be reinforced when integrating different types of therapy and helping you to recognise and explore patterns in your behaviour that may need to be addressed.

Benefits of therapy

The advantage of therapy is that it focuses on you as a whole person and an individual. The use of a combination of therapies means that your therapy can be personalised to a variety of your issues and concerns. It may be particularly beneficial for you if you seek to overcome negative behaviour patterns caused by anxieties, fears, phobias, or an health issue that maybe affecting your life quality (i.e. addictions, depression, past and current trauma, bereavement, and low self-esteem

As my approach to therapy is very relaxed and informal in comfortable surroundings, you will find it easy for us to discuss and get to know what your expectations and goals are for your future wellbeing. In a non-judgemental, professional, and confidential environment





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