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Understanding Karmic Cycles & Life Purpose

Updated: Aug 3, 2022

Life school Karma Dharma

Two of the common reasons clients book a QHHT session are to understand their current cycles and purpose for incarnating, without realising their interconnected purpose.

The years of performing these sessions has led me to realise there are no coincidences when it comes to spirituality, everything is interrelated.

When we substitute these two common questions for ancient terms we get

Cycles = Karma

Purpose = Dharma

Most people have heard about Karma but unfortunately it is often referred to in a negative light such as “what goes around comes around” or “you reap what you sow”

Little is spoken about the word Dharma which also aligns with the fact nearly every person would like to know their purpose or contract. Why did we agree to come here, are we on the correct path, what are we supposed to be doing etc

What is Dharma and Karma?

Karma is typically linked to the law of “cause and effect” meaning our actions give rise to reactions and we are said to be accountable for these. These reactions are commonly grouped in positive and negative categories leading to rewards and punishments.

From a spiritual QHHT understanding the purpose of Karma is to understand the experiences that we experience on the paths. These experiences include the positive, negative, emotions, joy, pain, pleasure, suffering which are unique concepts available on this current plane.

Dharma, is said to be the foundation of how we exist and life itself. a combination of spiritual discipline and common moral law that is the guidance for our lives.

Dharma is said to involve religion, being righteous, with a sense of duty, morality and responsibility whilst practicing honesty and peace. Practicing Dharma, is said to help us to live a peaceful, happy and fulfilled life.

The simplified version of Dharma from a spiritual & QHHT point of view is the souls purpose the plan before we incarnate on this plane.

Lets take a look at how these two are related

How Are Karma And Dharma Linked?

When we understand the karma and dharma a little better, it becomes clearer how they are interlinked to one another. As we strive to complete our Dharma, we are constantly creating and experiencing karmas.

We are therefore here to complete our dharma whatever it maybe whilst experiencing the Karma that is associated with it. This knowledge is then taken back to the source and becomes part of the records.

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