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Why do you Keep Attracting Toxic or Narcissistic People

Updated: Aug 3, 2022

Why Do We Attract Toxic or Narcissist People?

1. They seek out great people who don't realise how amazing they are in life. Unfortunately, due to their jealous sides, they also slowly seek to destroy them

2. They find good people that are easily manipulated or taken advantage of, using guilt or other techniques to control them.

3. Toxic people are adept at finding people with little or no boundaries. People they can persuade or take advantage of, testing your boundaries to see what they can get away with.

4. They find the "Ride it out or die" type of people who are typically loyal no matter how bad things get.

5. Your behaviour drives this repeating pattern from your past or childhood, possibly due to unmet needs, even self-destructive behaviours long to be met.

6. You may have experienced narcissistic abuse as a child, choosing partners who reinforce what you learned in childhood to be "true."

7. You may have low self-esteem, or your self-esteem has been so damaged that you are now in a low place, just happy to have a partner. They appear to have much more confidence than you, including you in situations and experiences you believed unimaginable by yourself.

8. You may have co-dependency issues where your sense of identity stems from caring for other people? This people-pleaser identity leads you to allow others to engage in a range of abusive or unacceptable behaviours.

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