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Annual Closure During May 2023

One Week Closure: Preston Office, Glasgow Office and Online Sessions.

The annual May one-week closure is fast approaching and will affect all therapy sessions. This includes all therapy in Preston, Glasgow and online during this period.

Face to Face & Online Clients

When will sessions end and restart?
  • Online sessions final session 25th May restarting 6th June

  • Preston face to face final session on 26th May, restarting on 8th June

  • Glasgow face-to-face final session on 24th May, restarting on 7th June

It's advisable for clients to plan and book ahead for sessions during the week prior and the first week after.

SSP Program Clients

Clients in the SSP Program will be able to continue their course as usual without any disruptions.

I will discuss the optional Base section with clients who are due to finish their core hours during this period. In addition, monitoring and emergency support will continue.

If you have any questions or concerns, please message me or bring them to your next session.

Regards Shaun Noteman

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